Extensions rebonden – professionally fast and inexpensive!

Rebonden vorher nachher

Extensions rebonden – professionally fast and inexpensive!

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text css_animation=”fadeIn”]We process Indian human hair of the best quality in our hair extensions. So far, our customers have always had new hair incorporated during a hair extension in other studios. Often the customer is not informed that even money can be saved just to earn more money. When removing the hair extension, we regularly noticed that it is almost too bad to simply dispose of the still very well preserved extensions.

For this reason, we offer our customers a high-quality and yet attractive rebonding service by hand.

Tape extensions, microring extensions or tresses can also be converted into bondings without any problems.

In addition, customers who have not bought their hair from us now also have access to the rebonding service.

We only use the higher quality Italian keratin.

You are also welcome to send us the hair, from 120 strands even the return shipping is free.

You can see what this can look like on our before-and-after example photos. However, in the event that your extensions are matted and only present in a kind of “hair ball”, we unfortunately have to reject the order.

Please understand that we can only accept orders in advance/PayPal.

The processing takes about 1-3 working days. The price is 0.50 € per strand.

If you are interested, drop off your hair in our shop at Ludwigstraße 32, 90763 Fürth, or simply send it to us by arrangement.

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