Hair Extension Tapes

Hair Extension Tapes

Service Description

Tape extensions with LUXURY HAIR

Tape extensions have established themselves in recent years in a flash – easy and quick to apply, the hairpieces provide a dream mane!

Short, thin hair – tape extensions are the solution!

Especially women with thin, short hair are often of the opinion that no hair extension can be used. Since your own hair is often damaged by bleaching, dyeing, etc. is already very strained, many hairdressers advise against extensions. But that doesn’t always have to be the case! Tape extensions can be used without any problems, especially with outgrown bobsleighs or small hairdressing accidents. The hairpieces are gently glued to your own hair and can be removed just as quickly and easily without damaging your own hair. The tape extensions are hairpieces with 4 cm width and 50 or 60 cm length which are used in the sandwich process on your own hair. The hairpieces last about 6 weeks and then have to be raised as they slowly become visible and the adhesive effect wears off.

Surprises with a complete type change

You just want to look completely different? Is there an important celebration or wild party? You want Big Hair with volume and fullness to the tips? Then the Tape Extensions are just right for you! They are quick to use and cheaper because you can use them yourself – without heat or heat! Highlights and strand effects are of course also possible with these hairpieces! Even hairdressing accidents can be compensated and hidden so well. A large color selection of natural hair colors, supports you in finding the right hair color for you from our large selection.

How many tapes do you need for a hair extension?

Depending on your own hair quantity and desired hair length, you need different amounts of hairpieces. Ultimately, the exact amount can be determined directly before the induction or during a consultation. As a small reference we have the following experience: about 10 sandwiches (complete hairpieces) for tape extensions as hair thickening, about 20 – 25 sandwiches for a hair extension with tapes.

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