Flat bondings – small and almost invisible

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Flat bondings – small and almost invisible

Flat bondings – barely noticeable and almost invisible

From now on we offer you the incorporation of U- or V- bondings as flat bondings for a small surcharge. Most customers want a very small, invisible connection point – this is easily possible with flat bondings. Even after prolonged wear, the extensions are almost invisible, especially with fine hair, flat bondings are an advantage. Just let us know before the training if you want flat bondings.

What is the difference between flat bondings and round bondings?

Round bondings are usually made of V- or U-shaped keratin. The connection point is rolled here, i.e. the shape of the bonding is then rather round. In a flat junction, the keratin is simply laid flat on the hair strand and bent with the ends. Round bondings provide a rather stringy result – extensions with flat bondings fall more naturally. Especially with fine hair, this is an advantage. The bonding shape has no influence on the durability.

Since we need the flat bondings more time, there is a small surcharge:

40 – 160 strands   + 50,00 EUR

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