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Wunderhaar also comes to your home

Well-groomed, shiny and healthy hair is a dream that many people have. You too? We are happy to accompany you on the way to your dream hair. In our salon Wunderhaar in Fürth, we have been advising and accompanying our customers for about 18 years on our heart topic hair extensions, now also on the subject of hair extensions mobile.

Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries from interested parties who are either only partially mobile or do not want to come to our salon in Fürth in the current situation. No problem for us – then we will just come to you! Our offer of hair extension mobile (with bondings and tapes) is now also available for you at home. Completely comfortable and safe, in your own four walls, with distance and compliance with hygiene requirements.

We offer our hair extension mobile in Fürth and a radius of up to 200 kilometers around Fürth. A hair extension with our mobile service is possible from 100 strands (usually hair extensions are between 100-150 strands). In our studio we carry the best Indian human hair. Here you can choose from a wide range. After a preliminary telephone discussion, we will gladly bring you a corresponding selection for hair extension mobile.

Cheap travel flat rate

Please understand that our on-site service Haarverlängerung Mobil incurs a travel fee. These can be found here in detail:

JourneyCityFlat rate
up to 50 kmNuremberg, Fürth, Erlangen, Lauf, Neumarkt, Ansbach39 €
51 to 100 kmIngolstadt, Amberg€59
101 to 150 kmRegensburg, Crailsheim€79
151 to 200 kmMunich, Stuttgart€99
Arrival flat rate staggered according to route

Hair extension mobile: No travel allowance / Girlfriends & Family Special

From two hair extensions (from 100 strands): during the on-site visit, the travel fee is omitted for you. So it’s worth visiting friends, mother, sister, aunt, neighbor, etc. to ask around who is still interested in hair extension mobile .

From three hair extensions (from 100 strands): If you bring two or more friends to your mobile appointment at home who also want a hair extension , all customers will receive a discount of 5% on their hair extensions in addition to the waiver of the travel fee. Sounds good? That’s good!

Of course, it is also possible to use a hair thickening (hair extension up to 100 strands). Please understand that this only applies to the other participants in the Mobil Family Hair Extension Special.

Contact us, we look forward to your inquiry!

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FAQ about mobile hair extensions

How does the mobile hair extension service work?

Our mobile hair extension service allows you to perform a professional hair extension from the comfort of your own home. We come to you and bring all the necessary materials and tools to perform the hair extension.

Can I do other things during the service, such as talking on the phone or working?

We recommend that you have as few distractions as possible during the service to ensure that the stylist can do the best work. We therefore ask you not to make phone calls or work during the service so that the stylist can fully concentrate on the hair extension.

How do I prepare for the mobile hair extension service?

To prepare for the mobile hair extension service, you should make sure that the room where the service is performed is clean and tidy. Make sure there is enough space for the stylist and accessories, and allow enough time to complete the service.

What kind of hair extensions do you offer?

We offer different types of hair extensions, such as clip-ins, tape-ins, weaves, microring and keratin bonding extensions. We will be happy to advise you on choosing the most suitable method for your needs and wishes.

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